Things to do in Bonito Cruise-Brazil

Bonito is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil that sees thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are hundreds of lively waterfalls, colorful fishes and beautiful beaches around this region and you can go on a cruise with Carnival Cruise Line to this amazing city at an affordable cost.

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Hop on to one of Carnival Cruise Ships and set sail from one of your favorite cities and get a chance to visit some of the best places in Brazil without burning a hole in your pocket.

Things to do on a Bonito Cruise in Brazil

Go on a cruise with Carnival Cruise 2020  to Bonito in Brazil for the best holiday experience at an affordable cost.

Below we have made a list of what should you do and see when you stopover this charming town:

Swimming and snorkeling: Swim and Snorkel in Brazil along the hemline of the Brazil Basin. The Bonito waters offer a clearest, mythical and extremely shallow waters ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and other water-related activities.

River Snorkeling in Rio Sucuri/ Barra Do Sucuri/ Rio da Prata: Go on a river snorkeling along the calm and pristine waters of Rio SucurineighboringPantanal. This is a popular area for going on a river safari where you can spot thousands of fishes swimming past your boat. Visitors can take advantage of the panoramic landscapes and experience the underwater beauty while swimming. Spot capuchin monkeys, river otters, anacondas, macaws, anteaters and many more.

Admire the Bonito Waterfalls: Bonito is packed with an endless number of waterfalls all of which offer distinct features from the others. Bonito waterfalls are accessible to all for swimming each descending the gorges.

Visit the fossil caves:  A Bonito cruise would be incomplete without visiting the notable caves in Bonito. This region is widely famous for three caves namely Gruta Sao Mateus, Gruta Do Lago Azul, and Gruta De Sao Miguel. These are some of the best caves in the world which are filled with crystalline waters inside while the ceilings are covered by stalactites and stalagmites.

Three Heritage Sites to Explore In Amsterdam on a Cruise Voyage

The Amsterdam in the Netherlands is an overwhelming city, home to colorful tulips, maze canals, and celebrated world-famous painters. It is also a popular holiday destination for people who love laid-back vacations over blusterous ones. Intending vacationers to have just that, Carnival Cruises Lines invites holidaymakers from every corner of the world to be part of their gleeful journey to Amsterdam.

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The Top Three Heritage Sites in Amsterdam

Cruise through the canals:

A visit to Amsterdam is incomplete without exploring the city on a boat through the city’s puzzling waterways. The Canal Ring in Amsterdam is one of the most unusual urban landscapes in the world and is a UNESCO-listed site. Seize the opportunity to stay afloat as you pass through remarkable bridges, gable-shaped mansions, and colorful homes.

Visit the Van Gogh Museum:

The Van Gogh Museum is in memory of the world-renowned Dutch post-impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh, and his notable works. The museum exhibits some of his most inspiring self-portraits and paintings, including famous works like The Potato Eaters and Sunflowers. And a visit to this site is truly enlightening!

The house of Anne Frank:

One of Amsterdam’s most-visited cultural sites is the annex Anne Frank and her family hid along with some family friends during World War II. During the time of their hiding, this young Jewish teenager had a diary that later became one of the best-selling books in the world, of all time. The annex where she lived is now a museum, with details about their lives when in hiding and Amsterdam.

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Awesome Things to do on a Bermuda Cruise with Carnival Cruise Line

Kick start your first cruise with Carnival Cruise Line, sail away to the British overseas territory of Bermuda, the sun-kissed city swarming with turquoise beaches, shorelines lined with endless palm trees and a region which is widely celebrated for its rich naval culture.

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Go on a cruise to Bermuda with Carnival Cruise Ships and get a chance to explore Bermuda’s underwater shipwrecks, the balmy subtropical beaches without burning a hole in your pocket.

Cool Things to do on a Bermuda Cruise with Carnival Cruise Line

Feel the pink sand in between your feet, explore one of the 34 beaches in Bermuda or you are on a mission for a British afternoon tea in Bermuda, you’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to exploring this dreamy region with Carnival Cruises. Find here more things to do when you go on a cruise:

  • Visit the Royal Naval Dockyard which is situated in the north-western region of Bermuda. This entire region is jam-packed with classic restaurants, local street foods and plenty of attractions. This dockyard was initially built as a base for the naval in 1950 and today the naval buildings serve as an important hub for shopping, fine dining and important attractions like the National Museum, Clock tower Mall, Snorkel Park, etc.
  • Visit the underground Crystal Cave which is a dreamy cave that features crystal clusters of subterranean waters coupled with stalactites ceilings which dates backs to almost thirty million years.
  • Visit the Horseshoe Bay beach situated along the Southern shore a few meters away from the King’s Wharf and Heritage Warf. It is an expansive stretch of shoreline and its crystal waters have lured thousands of visitors every year. Some of the major attractions here is the secluded cloves, Water Rocks beach, Angle Beach, the dramatic backdrop of the Butts Beach, Middle Beach.
  • Visit St. George Town located on the eastern end of the island. It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is most widely celebrated for its British style of architecture, historic buildings, cobblestoned streets, limestone buildings, Martello Tower, impressive cultural centers all of which give you a glimpse of the bygone eras.

A Getaway to Barbados with Carnival Cruise in a Trouble Free Way

Barbados strikes a fine mix of island warmth and English heritage. It consists of colonial buildings that have intermingled colorful wooden homes, open-air markets and modern cafes. Outside the bustling town, Barbados is a beautiful paradise. Barbados is known for its cruise and its shore of pink and white sand beaches that stretch along with crystal clear turquoise water. In the center of the island, you will find hills, valleys, sugar cane fields, and historic plantations.

To enjoy Barbados like never before go for Carnival Cruise. Whether you are traveling solo or with the family, the cruise is perfect for all your travel needs. Further, it is not expensive.

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Have fun in your beloved destination with Carnival Cruise Line. Following are the list of shore excursions that one can enjoy after traveling to Barbados with Carnival Cruise.

In the surface area

 Go for a solar-powered tram journey that is 170 feet below the ground into Harrison’s cave. It is a beautiful limestone cave system. Here one can see flowing waterfalls, emerald pools, stalactite formation and towering columns formed over thousands of years.

 Enjoy wildlife reserve

 Hop on to a vehicle and make your way through Barbados wildlife reserve. In the interiors of the island, you will find green monkeys, colorful birds, reptiles and various other animals roaming freely.

Enjoy a day at the beach

 Relax and sit back on the powdery white sand beaches of harbor lights near Carlisle bay beach. Enjoy a rum punch while sitting back. Further, you can snorkel around shipwrecks and visit Tortuga to swim with turtles.

Taste the local cuisine

 For sea-food lovers, the island is a paradise. The Barbadian cuisine is a blend of African, Indian and British influences. To experience the local cuisine, it is important not to shy away from street food.

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Top Four Things to Do in Princess Cays with Carnival Cruise Line

Princess Cays is one of the tourist resorts located at the southern end of Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas. It is also one of the favorite stops of Carnival Cruise Ship and its cruisers for the number of fun-filled activities available at the resort.

Carnival Cruise Line

If you are longing for a well-deserving vacation away from life’s daily stress, make your reservation with Carnival Cruise Line 2020 and look forward to a rich cruise trip. Get ready to come across blissful onboard amenities and top-rated facilities while cruising through the Bahamas towards Princess Cays.

Given below are the top four activities every cruiser must do while at Princess Cays:

1.    Visit some nearby local villages

Some extremely beautiful local villages are situated close to the Princess Cays, villages lying beside the stunning beaches with multicolored homes. Seize the once in a lifetime opportunity to take a gentle stroll around one of these villages while capturing some iconic pictures.

2.    Enjoy snorkeling in the green-colored sea

While sailing through the Bahamas, snorkeling is one of the must-do activities! So don’t let go of the opportunity to spend time snorkeling amidst hundreds of colorful fish and several other sea creatures.

3.    Go for a fishing adventure

Not only do cruisers have the lucky chance to snorkel, but they also have an awesome opportunity to go fishing at some rocky areas of Princess Cays. And vacationers better not miss the chance to do something as pleasing as this!

4.    Dive in for water sports

One of the most exciting activities in Princess Cays is the water sports, filled with numerous sports equipment. Seize the chance and see how you do with water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, paddle wheeling, and sailing a Hobie Wave.

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Things Every First Time Cruiser Should Know

It’s important to invest a little time to find out about the Carnival cruise lines you intend to cruise with your colleagues and family. From lavish vacations and fun trips to a family-oriented cruise, each Carnival Cruise ships can offer you different experiences depending on what you are looking for. This way you’ll be much more confident about what you can expect and prepare accordingly from your upcoming cruise.

There’s something every first-timer needs to learn before hopping onto the deck:

Make your reservations early: If you are driven by the idea of stopovers at beautiful islands, shore excursions, classy bars with a panoramic view of the ocean, then make your reservations early especially during the peak seasons. You get the additional advantage of discounts and special offers.

Everything’s not included: Your cruise tickets will only cover your room expenses, meals, and onboard events. You need to pay extra for additional expenses like beverage packs, parking, internet, and coastal excursions. Make sure you contact your cruise line before you get on board to fully understand what all facilities and items are included in your ticket.

Pick an Early Excursion if you want to see a Port Town: Your trip cannot be rightly said to be completed without an excursion to the Port Town. Select on a morning excursion as you’ll have plenty of time to explore the port town you’ll be visiting.

Whale Protocol: Concerned if a giant whale would accidentally hit the ship!! All the big cruises are equipped with a whale protocol which ensures that large animals like whales are avoided.

Wi-Fi Package: Most cruise lines do not offer free internet to its users, it is charged additionally generally between 40 and 60 cents a minute. So make sure you use your internet connection judiciously or you’ll end up spending extra for a simple mistake like not logging off the Wi-Fi portal after you have used it.

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Explore the Wonders of Panama Canal with Carnival Cruise

Who would’ve thought exploring the world-famous Panama Canal could be this easy and affordable? Well, it is, and Carnival Cruise Lines make it possible! Connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean is the artificial waterway, Panama Canal, one of the world’s greatest man-made wonder.

carnival cruise lines

Leap in aboard Carnival Cruise Ship and run into endless top-rated amenities and fun-filled activities. Ranging from cabin facing the alluring sea to mouthwatering buffets to activities including water parks, live music performances, world-class games in the casino, and hundreds of others!

Top-3 wonders of the Panama Canal worth exploring

Brace up and allow Carnival Cruise to take you across places beyond your wildest imaginations and enjoy the rich experiences thrown at you while cruising through the Panama Canal. Below are the top-3 wonders that are worth exploring:

1.     Limon, Costa Rica

The locals of this region are considered the happiest people in the world, and rightly so because the area is unbelievably beautiful, flooded with unspoiled landscapes. This place offers cruisers numerous sights to relish in, from flying above the rainforest to feeling the chilling drops of the waterfall to swimming in crystal-clear seas, your name!

2.     Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas

Ever wondered what would it be like to spend a day at a private island? The place is a fantasy come true, a complete paradise! Fun-filled activities here include spending quality time at the cool sea, enjoying a horseback ride, snorkeling, kayaking, eco bike, and hike tour, and many other exciting activities to reward vacationers with.

3.      Mahogany Bay, Roatan

This island is a real treat for holidaymakers, sleek-sand beaches and crystal-clear sea; it is everything anyone can ask for! And a cruise to Honduras is worth everything, famous for possessing the world’s second-largest coral reefs, and offering one of the most beautiful sights to visitors.

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